What To Send Instead Of Flowers For Valentine’s Day This Year?

Also called Saint Valentine’s Day, It is a special day celebrated annually on the 14th of February. Although commonly observed as a romantic holiday, it actually has Christian origins and dates back to around 496 AD. It began as a Christian feast festival that honored an early martyr called Saint Valentine.

Perhaps the connection to love is based on the legend of a catholic priest named Saint Valentine. People believe that he performed illegal marriages for emperor Claudius’ soldiers during his reign.

The writings of Geoffery Chaucer first mentioned Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday sometime in 1382.

Valentine’s Day has become a notable religious and commercial celebration of love, spread worldwide by different people. It is unknown when authorities declared the day to celebrate romance, but Valentine’s Day has continued to be immensely popular. Typically marked with sharing gifts and other acts of love, it has blurred between romance and kindness.

Although studies show that the percentage of people who celebrate Valentine’s Day has recently declined, it is still massively honored. Valentine’s Day is a critical holiday worldwide, with many countries declaring the day a work-free holiday.

In the United States, people send over 190 million valentine’s day cards yearly, and those do not include other gifts. According to reports, valentine’s day spending in 2017 in the United States exceeded $18.2 billion, making it an important economic event.

8 Great Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Not Flowers

Today, the most typical gift to give on Valentine’s Day is flowers, and red roses are the most common type. A valentine’s day gift can be tricky to pick out because not all relationships are the same. However, many people now think that flowers are cliche, so we have compiled a list of eight alternative gifts. Some of these gifts are traditional, and people have exchanged them for many years, while others are more recent.

What To Send Instead Of Flowers For Valentine's Day This Year

A Box Of Chocolates

Nothing says “I love you” more than a red heart-shaped box of delicious chocolates. A pack of chocolates is one of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, and the practice dates back to the 1840s. Many of the notable chocolate makers recognized the popularity of Valentine’s Day and started to sell packs of chocolates as gifts. The practice has become more popular, and boxes of chocolates are now somewhat of a symbol of Valentine’s Day.

box of chocolates symbol of Valentine's Day

There are usually sold as customized boxes, which come in red and are heart-shapes. You can fill the boxes with various chocolates, including milk and dark chocolates, or wafers covered in chocolates.

I Love You Because… Cards

This gift can be extraordinary because of how personal it is. Typically, this is a pack containing several cards you can customize with reasons for your love. They have become quite popular over the years and will undoubtedly put a smile on your partner or friend. Many companies sell these packs of cards with pre-written love messages, but they may also allow you to write yours. You can hand-write the notes or ask the companies to print your words on them.

A Cookbook

You should consider presenting a cookbook as a unique valentine’s day gift, especially if your lover likes to experiment with cooking different recipes. Whether they simply love to cook or are professional chefs, a book with exotic recipes can be an excellent gift. You can customize it to their experience level, diet, taste, or even sample cuisines they are interested in. A cookbook is an excellent alternative to flowers because it can be valuable for a long time, after the 14th of February.

A Day At The Spa

A day at their favorite spa can be a fantastic gift for your lover on Valentine’s Day. Many spa companies offer Valentine’s Day specials for couples or a single person, offering chocolates or wine. They may also include gift cards, special music, and other things to make the experience more memorable. A spa treatment can also be practical, especially for people under stress from work or who have stressful daily lives. A day at the spa gift can be a great option for Valentine’s Day, instead of flowers.

A Candy Bouquet

What makes a candy bouquet unique is that it resembles a flower bouquet, except it is full of sweets. Unlike flowers, they will not wilt in days, and your lover can enjoy the treats for a long time. There are several excellent options for candy bouquets, and you can either buy customized packages or make them yourself.

A Candy Bouquet gift for Valentine's Day

You can make a bouquet out of colorful gummy bears or create one with tasty candy canes. Conversation hearts are also a great option, and you can get creative with these delicious treats. You can also write a few words on a surface, with these sweets specially arranged into letters; talk about sweet words, right? Other forms of candy bouquets are lollipop bouquets or creative, colorful peppermint candy arrangements.

Unique Jewelry

While traditional jewelry generally makes great Valentine’s Day gifts, you can make them more special by getting specialized ones. You can get love rings with either love notes or your names inscribed on them. Also nice to get for your lover on Valentine’s Day is a pendant that lets you put their pictures in. Promise rings are other types of jewelry that are awesome for your lover. They have more meaning because you will not only be buying a gift, but you will be making a promise too. Ultimately, jewelry is an excellent alternative to flowers for Valentine’s Day because they last much longer and are customizable.

A Home-Cooked Meal

A home-cooked meal can be a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for your lover because it can be thoughtful. You can try unique recipes that your lover would enjoy and have them delivered with little love notes attached. What is more, you can even prepare the meal together to create a more memorable experience. A home-cooked meal might not outlast flowers, but it will surely be a great alternative on Valentine’s Day.

A Pair Of Bathroom Robes

Robes will certainly outlive flowers, and they make excellent alternatives. Robes are super comfortable, and they make great Valentine’s Day gifts instead of flowers. You can get them in various colors and customize these robes with your lover’s name or their favorite quotes. Many bathroom robes also come with fluffy slippers in matching colors, making them a valuable gift set. Furthermore, you can also get bathroom robes as a matching pair for you and your lover.

In Popular Culture

Many movies and songs have been made for and about Valentine’s Day, either passively or directly. Some have even become the normal thing to watch or listen to on Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, lovers have chosen that day to propose, reiterate love for their partners, or profess feelings to new lovers.


Valentine’s Day is among the most widely celebrated events in the world. Even though many people have misunderstood the purpose, it still retains its Christian origins in religion. Whatever the case, if you are looking for the perfect gift to send instead of flowers for Valentine’s Day this year, you cannot go wrong with the list we have put together for you.

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