Valentine’s Day Nail Inspiration – Nail Art Ideas That You’d Love to Try

Do you have abundant red nail paints leftovers at home? That’s good news because you can use them in various nail arts on Valentine’s day. The red nail paint is undoubtedly a classic year-round. However, when love is around the corner, red remains the official color for Valentine’s day and therefore is a must-have to celebrate this day.

When we regard pink or red color as an imperative for Valentine, that doesn’t mean we have to apply red or pink nail paint as a base color. A wide range of nail art designs can turn red paint into hearts or french tips and make them look even prettier. Additionally, you may want to add kiss prints or love-struck Helga Pataki to recognize this holiday. Most nail artists come up with incredible nail designs that involve crystals, nail stickers, jelly polish, and gold foil.

Here we have listed some easiest and loveliest nail designs to try out this Valentine’s day. The Valentine’s Day nail inspiration designs discussed below are not only for love birds; therefore, we have gathered designs for the heartbroken among us.

Valentine’s Day Nail Inspiration

There are so many nail art ideas, and some seem easy enough to DIY, while some may require you to go to a salon. Let’s look at some jaw-dropping nail art ideas to inspire you to put your heart on your nails. Scroll down and go head over heels with these cute nail art designs.

1. Red Ombre Hearts

This one takes minimal effort and is the easiest one of all designs. This style includes soft gel and some fake nails in an oval shape. Start applying gel polish in a single coat and curing in a nail lamp for 60 seconds. Take fake nails and rough up the gel extension from the inside using a nail drill. Retake the gel polish and apply a thin coat from the inside. Place the nail at the cuticle and slowly push it down to ensure no air bubbles. Again cure in the nail lamp. Choose a nude shade nail color and apply a single coat on your nails. Furthermore, pick some cute little nail art charms (heart-shaped) and stick them to your nails by applying a topcoat. Finally, end it with a topcoat finish.

Red Ombre Hearts

2. Gold Dipped Look

Our second easiest yet stylish look to DIY at home is the gold-dipped look. Start with your favorite sheer base nail paint. Since this look involves gold, you will need gold foil for your nails. As you applied base nail paint, now add some flakes of gold foil over your nails in a way that looks abstract and rough. Using a gold stamper, put on a combination of red and white hearts and finish with a glossy topcoat. This option might be perfect for you if you are not too good at painting.

3. Dotted Texture

The dotted texture looks professional and tricky, yet you can easily DIY. Essentially, you will need long coffin nails. Rough up the gel extension from the fake nails using a nail drill and apply gel polish from the inside. Put base nail paint over your nails. Now put on coffin nails and file them in the shape you prefer. Apply one coat of base paint again over your nails and cure for a minute. Take light pink nail paint, and using a long thin brush, line out the tip of your thumbnail for a french tip and fill the rest with nail paint. For other fingers, use white color to create dots. Repeat the same for another hand. Finally, complete the design with a topcoat.

Dotted Texture

4. Shimmery Hearts

Sad because you can’t draw a perfect heart on your nails? No need to worry. This manicure style involves the use of cute heart stickers. Use shimmery pale pink nail paint as base paint on each nail. Now add red metallic hearts of different sizes over your nails. Polish off with a top coat to make it last longer through the holiday.

5. Pastel Hearts

This look is the cutest and easy to deal with, just like others. To make pastel hearts in this manicure, you must grab soft pink base paint and other light-colored nail paints. First off, apply a single coat of pink nail paint on each nail. You will need a dotting tool to carry out the designing process. Take three different colored nail paints and start making hearts. You can do so by making two dots side by side at first and then pulling down each dot using a thin brush. Finally, wrap up with a topcoat finish.

6. Heart Accents

A retro video game aesthetic inspires this nail art. You will need a milky base or nude shade to carry out this art. Apply a base nail paint and let it dry. You can use a thin brush and white nail paint for small rectangles. Then, add some minimalist hearts and dots using a narrow dotting tool.

7. Cut-Out Hearts

This style combines two different base colors with french tips and hearts. Start with applying base colors, i.e., nude and red color nail paints. Paint nude color on each nail except for the ring finger. Use red nail paint on your ring finger’s nails and let them dry in a nail lamp. Use red paint with a long thin brush and line out the tips on fingers with the nude shade for French tips. However, for the ring finger, create a heart through a dotting tool with a nude shade. Ensure that your base paint is dry enough before applying other nail paint. Finally, wipe off with a glossy topcoat to make it enduring.

Cut-Out Hearts

8. Bleeding Hearts

Feel like bleeding your heart this Valentine? Then you need to try this look. Apply a single of nude pink as a base color and do the rest using red nail paint. You can use a thin brush and a dotting tool to create a flowing blood look. If you feel like your heart has been crushed, bleeding hearts style might be perfect for you.

Bleeding Hearts

9. 3D Harlequin Flowers

Valentine’s day is not all about hearts and red color, but it is more than that. If you are not good at drawing, this manicure is probably for you. Begin applying white nail paint as a base color and adding a top coat over it afterward. Choose four to five different colored nail paints and use them gradually through airbrushing technique on your ring finger. Repeat the process with different colors. Pick out your favorite nail sticker sheet and start putting stickers onto your nails (except for ring finger). Lastly, finish up by applying the topcoat.

10. Pink and Sparkles

Most people prefer wearing red paint on Valentine’s. However, pink remains the best alternative, especially neon pink. Use neon pink nail paint over your ring finger’s nail and thumb’s nail. You can paint the rest of the fingers white, but for the little finger, use glitter polish. Create horizontal lines over white nails using glitter polish and a small heart between lines via pink nail paint. You can go with the holiday by combining a vibrant color with basic white and glitter nail paint. Primary colors like white subdue the deep pink, thus becoming the perfect combo.

Pink and Sparkles

11. Solitary Red Heart

This option is an easy, quick, and convenient one. This manicure is the simplest one and combines two basic colors, red and white. Apply white nail paint to the middle finger and red nail paint to the others. Air dry each finger or cure them in an LED lamp. Now grab the dotting tool and draw a heart on the middle finger with red nail paint. You can also choose nail art stickers if you don’t feel like drawing. Finally, secure the design using a topcoat and rejoice in it!

12. Mingling Magenta and Fuchsia

For a more lovey-dovey feel, go with the mixture of different shades of magenta and fuchsia. Pinkish purple hues are more appropriate for Valentine than standard pink shades. Use lemonade pink shade on your index finger and magenta shade on others. Apply glitter magenta polish to your middle finger’s nail and make a french tip over your index finger. Finally, wrap off with a top coat and be all mushy this day.

13. Love Signature

Upgrading your manicure on Valentine has never been so easy. Just add a nail sticker to your painted nails, and you’re done. You can buy such stickers from different online stores (including Amazon). They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Start by painting your nails with a solid color like red and apply any sticker on one of your nails. Lastly, end it with a topcoat.

14. Stick-On Heart Nail Art

Many people wear their hearts on their sleeves and some on their nails. Why not wear yours as well? Make your nails sparkle with gold hearts and 3D nail art stickers. Choose your favorite nail paint, such as red or pink, and paint all your nails. Air dry them and stick as many hearts as you want on your nails. Finally, secure with a glossy topcoat, and you are good to go!

15. Abstract Nail Art

For the best nail art on Valentine’s Day that isn’t too hard, go with abstract nail art. Paint your nails with a pale pink or sheer nail color as a base and make squiggles randomly in the corners of your nails using red or magenta nail paint. Make use of a long thin brush to draw squiggles neatly. Generally, this year’s manicure trends are somewhat graphic and dazzling.

16. Gloss and Matte

This look is imperative if you’re into subtle vibes and want your man to pay close attention. Get this manicure by simply dabbling with your first finish coat. You can either cover the tips of your nails with a glossy topcoat or enclose them fully. This nail art gives the impression of a modernized french manicure. Finally, remember to apply a topcoat.

17. Mercurial Nail Art

Winter vibes can influence our mood swings, and nail art can reflect those mood swings in the best way. You may want to choose mauve, mint, and one of them in a glittery texture. Use glittery shade on one of your nails. For the other fingers, use mauve and mint separately. On mauve nails, paint the tips with mint, and you’re done. This nail art is too cool to be trendy for the whole year and not just Valentine’s day. Get along with this manicure and let your loved ones know that you got hots for them.

Mercurial nail Art

18. Hearts Under French Tips

Let’s swoon over this cute nail art on a french manicure. Start by coloring your nails with a pale pink shade and letting them dry. Use a half circle to help yourself draw tips of baby pink, dark pink, and red. Making hearts is not big of a deal. Use either a dotting tool or a detailing brush. Remember to let your nails dry after every coat. This option might take so much time, but it will be worth it. Furthermore, let your cuticles be in tip-top shape by using cuticle oil since every eye will drool over this look.

19. Pastel French Tips

You might have seen various french tips lately. However, pastel french tips are getting in this winter. It’s both a classic and cool look that’s softer than an average valentine’s day manicure. Simply paint your nails with a super pink or pale pink shade and brim the tips with your favorite pastel shades. You can either choose a muted rainbow look or pick shades from the same color family, like various hues of purple from lightest to the darkest.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I choose a nail color for Valentine’s Day?

Generally, people prefer wearing pink or red nail paint on Valentine’s day. However, modern Valentine’s day is all about combining various colors. For instance, pink and brown make a pretty combo when appropriately applied.

2. How to make hearts out of nail paint?

You can easily make hearts through a dotting tool. Start by making two dots side by side with a dotting tool and then drag both of them to meet at the bottom point using a flat thin brush. Just make sure that your hearts don’t ooze out, and you would want to cure them for at least ten seconds. Additionally, go on with the second coat of nail paint you’re using to draw hearts and base color to refine hearts.

3. How to do french tips on your nails?

All you need to achieve French tips is white nail paint, acetone, and topcoat. Apply your white paint in a sloppy line across the bottom of your nail. Now use acetone to refine the line and remove any roughness. Again, finish with a top coat to seal the look.

The Bottom Line

Valentine’s day might be a great chance to celebrate the love in your life, but this day can let you embrace some nail art. While you might like plain french tip manicure or pastel hearts, why not go a little further? Whether you are a fan of bright hues, nail art, or nail sticker products, the above-discussed Valentine’s day nail inspiration is perfect for you to choose from.

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