New Easter Candies to Try in 2022

It is almost Easter, and many of us are excited to have another festive season upon us. Christmas is the king of holidays, and Halloween is a close second, but who can say no to all the food, gifts, holiday discounts, and candies during Easter? Although other seasons have their fair share of sweets to enjoy, the Easter season gives them a run for their money through exciting Easter egg hunts.

Easter candies are some of the most creative ones, from chocolatey goodness shaped like bunnies to yummy-flavor candy eggs. The list is endless. As a result, brands are trying to outdo each other and themselves in their quest to be the most innovative and sought-after brands of the year. Who is complaining if it means having all the sweetness that comes with candies?

New Easter Candies

It is not too early to start pulling out all the stops and getting the candies you and your loved ones can eat. You can never get enough of them and can even continue enjoying them after Easter. In light of this, and how much most of us love candies, we have created a list of new Easter candies to try this 2022.

The Best Easter Candies to Enjoy this Year

You may want to get cracking on some of the well-beloved choices on our list because of their popularity and versatility. A few can be used as decoration to be eaten later, so you can understand why they do not last in the stores. All of them are excellent choices to give away as prizes or to add to gift baskets.

The Best Easter Candies to Enjoy this Year

1. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme Eggs

You may find several candies from the stables of Hershey’s on our list. This is because the brand is famous, not just because they have been long in the game of making candies but also because they have some of the best on the market.

Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme Eggs

These polka-dot candies are just the right fit for the festive season, with their purple, blue, and pink dots adding a pop of color. They contain white chocolate, which is a fan favorite.

2. See’s Candies Assorted Eggs

Just as the name of the product says, Assorted Eggs from See’s Candies are candies shaped as eggs but with different creamy fillers. They are topped with flowers to give you a feel of the coming spring, which is the season of Easter.

The box has six eggs. Two are filled with Bordeaux creamy centers, made of brown sugar and heavy cream. The other set of two has vanilla chip centers. Finally, the rest have chocolate butter creamy centers. See’s Candies is another sought-after brand that is almost always sold out during the festive season.

3. Butterfinger’s Easter Nesteggs

These candies look just like Easter eggs, only that they are smaller and sweeter. They give the impression of being foiled, but that is just part of decorative art. Everything is edible. The candies are crisp, crunchy, and have a peanut-butter filling that soothes your taste. You can opt for a pack, but that will barely massage your palate, and we are not about scrimping this season. How about ten packs to begin?

Butterfinger’s Easter Nesteggs

4. Dylan’s Candy Bar Ear-resistible Gummy Kebob

Did you think gummies will feature as part of the list of candies on offer this Easter? Well, this one is a pack of gummies with a difference. This is a kebob of sweet gummies that you can hang on display. The special candy is a delight for children because of its colorfulness and sweetness. There is even a gummy bunny at the top of the kebob to draw the attention of the little ones.

5. Williams Sonoma’s Dutch Assorted Spring Lollipops

Remember we talked about using some of these candies as part of the Easter decorations? Well, here is one you can throw in with the usual decor. The lollipops are also excellent for a gift basket or for the children to suck on after lunch. They are simply colorful and sweet at the same time.

Williams Sonoma’s Dutch Assorted Spring Lollipops

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Creme Eggs

Who doesn’t like peanut butter? Better still, who would hate to take a bite of candy and find it filled with peanut butter filling? We bet you it will be an instant hit, so you can nibble on it as you relax, either before or after lunch. But you don’t want to fill up the space with too much candy, and we believe you may.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Creme Eggs

7. Skittles’ Impossible Egg Hunt

To make this year’s egg hunt a little more exciting, add bags of Skittles into the hunt and allow the children to find them. They have delicate designs and are pretty small, but not too small that you cannot find them. Never mind that they are labeled ‘impossible.’ The children will love finding and eating them because they are good.

Skittles’ Impossible Egg Hunt

8. Little Stinker’s Bag of Bunny Farts Cotton Candy

Bunny farts never smelled so good. Kids may love to have a bag of these bunny farts because of its name, but a pleasant surprise awaits them when they open the bag. Not only is it a way to make this Easter a little more exciting, but it is also another way to enjoy cotton candy. Fun and sweetness in one bag – who would have thought?

9. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Eggs

This candy is marshmallow covered with milk chocolate. We know everyone will love to have one or twenty bites of the candy, so you better get enough to go around. Did we not tell you Hershey’s has some of the best sweets? Little wonder we have more than one option from the brand on our list.

10. Twizzlers Bunnies

Licorice has never tasted better. This bag of candies is licorice with cherry flavor, but the best part is that each licorice is not the usual stick. It is shaped like a bunny. Each one reminds you of the season, and you can chew on them while relaxing. What’s more, have a bag handy for snacking on even after Easter.

Twizzlers Bunnies

11. Peep’s Rainbow Pop

The shape and colors of the pops add to their goodness. They look like the lollipops from Peeps, but you can break them apart for sharing or storing. Save them for later to enjoy alone. However, ensure you have something for everyone because a peep of the rainbow means will draw everyone to your corner.

12. Godiva’s Milk Chocolate Bunny

Celebrate good times, everyone! What Easter basket does not need an Easter bunny, and it does not have to be the traditional type. How about you use the milk chocolate bunny from Godiva to create the bunny part of the basket? Anyone would love it because it is cute, creative, and edible.

13. Tootsie Rolls’ Candy Coated Eggs

Another familiar name on our list is Tootsie Roll. People know the brand for having excellent candy, and this one is no exception. At first, you will meet a hard shell, but do not be deceived or disappointed. You are about to go on a ride; take a bite past the surface, and you will taste one of the best chewy chocolate fillings ever. It may even taste familiar if you are a fan of Tootsie Rolls.

Tootsie Rolls’ Candy Coated Eggs

14. SweeTarts’ Chick, Ducks, and Bunnies

The sweet and tart taste of the bunny, duck and chick-shaped candies reminds you of the goodness of spring and Easter. What is not to love about the candies or the season? The blend is perfect and suits everyone’s taste. Also, they are so small that you can pop each candy right into your mouth without cutting it into halves. Moreover, a pack of these candies is so affordable if you buy at Walmart that you may buy by the dozens.

15. Starburst’s Jelly Beans

You get a burst of all your favorite flavors from one original pack of candies: orange, grape, strawberry, lemon, green apple, and cherry. Normal is boring, and this pack of candy goodness proves that you can have it all in one place. In addition, they are bite-sized, so they are easy to eat.

Starburst’s Jelly Beans

16. Hershey’s Egg Hunt Sweet and Sour Assortment

A bag of these candies from Hershey’s contains 140 pieces of assorted candies. Why look for other sweets to make up an egg hunt this Easter? Simply fill up the eggs, and you are good to go. Even your friends will love to join in the quest to taste this delicious assortment.

17. York’s Peppermint Patties Eggs

Dark chocolate, white chocolate, who cares? As long as there is chocolatey goodness in the mix! The dark chocolate patties with a peppermint flavor can act as dessert, especially after the delicious meals that are usually part of the Easter celebration. Plus, the candies can act as part of a gift basket if they love peppermint-flavored chocolate.

18. Pieces Easter Eggs by Reese’s

Why not share a candy bowl of these Easter eggs candies with your loved ones? Or put one carton in a gift basket so that they will enjoy them as much as you do? Not only are they inexpensive, but they also have beautiful colors. Even the children would love to have a bite or two.

19. Sour Patch Kids’ Bunnies

They are first sour before they become sweet. These candies are excellent for any occasion, as most candies from the brand are. However, they precisely fit the Easter season because the candies come in the shape of bunnies. What a way to liven up the season.

Wrapping Up

Making a list of what to buy for the celebration is easy. You may already have most of what you need to prepare spectacular dishes at home. The most challenging part is knowing the candies that make Easter more enjoyable and memorable. Well, look no further because we have come to the rescue. You can buy one or all of the candy choices on our list with no regrets. Alternatively, pick some and add them to the list you already have and have a blast this Easter.

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