Fun and Interesting St. Patrick’s Day Nail Inspiration for 2022

Are you thrilled to get yourself some cute and fun nail art this St. Patrick’s Day? Well, so are we. Whether you are heading towards your favorite nail salon or doing something creative at your home, St Patrick’s Day is a great reason to delve into the fun festivities of the season.

Of course, the two of the most obvious St. Patrick’s Day inspiration to go with are the color green and shamrock leaf. Shamrock or cloverleaf is the famous Irish symbol for luck. Incorporating green color for St. Patrick’s Day-themed nail art is a must. To help you play with different designs, colors, and patterns, we have enlisted some cute and exciting St. Patrick’s Day inspiration. Make an adorable pattern of shamrock leaf on your nails and embrace this lucky holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent reason to give your nails a makeover, cheer up your mood, and look fabulous. You can check out your favorite nail bar and get your favorite nail arts done by professionals. Please choose your favorite St. Patrick’s Day nail inspiration and get it done by a professional. Having a professional touch does look amazing, but you can do a pretty fine job yourself. These St. Patrick’s Day nail inspirations will look good on you.

St Patrick’s Day Nail Paint Ideas to Try at Home

Whether you are Irish or not, joining in the celebration with everyone by trying something green and fun feels exciting and delightful. Indeed, there is no compulsion to get your nails done from a salon or nail bar, as you can beautify your nails with fun stickers and green nail polish.

St Patrick's Day Nail Paint Ideas to Try at Home

Here are some interesting, easy and beautiful St Patrick’s Day nail inspirations to try for you at home. You can try all these fun ideas as-is or spark up your creativity and add in your twist. Either way, you will love to be a part of the joyful festivities of the season.

1. Green and Gold Hues

Luscious green is the favorite festive color to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. You can add sparkling gold nail paint to make things a notch higher. You can create either alternate shimmery green and sparkling gold on each finger or create a gradient by mixing two colors on the same nail.

This simple yet attractive nail polish array is excellent for people who don’t want to apply any patterns or stickers on their nails. You’ll need two nail colors, shimmery green and glittery gold.

Go for only green on your thumb and ring finger and glittery green on your index finger and pinky, and apply one coat of each color on the middle finger. You’ll love the glamorous look of these nail colors on your hands.

2. Glittery Green Top Coat

Here is something simple yet attractive to try this St. Patrick’s Day for beginners. If you are not into intricate patterns or crazy designs like hats, owls, flowers, etc., you will love this elegant nail design.

Glittery Green Top Coat

The final look of this nail art looks like green and glitter ombre. You will first apply clear nail polish as a base coat to your nails. Then use a glittery green nail polish starting from the middle part of the nail till the end. Apply a double coat of glittery nail polish at the edges of the nails, and you will love the shimmery ombre green on your nails.

3. Green and White Stripes

For everyone looking for minimalistic nail art with green and white stripes is what you are looking for this St. Patrick’s Day. Firstly apply a sheer base coat all over your nails. Then, apply white nail polish on one half of the nail and green nail polish on the other half.

Green and White Stripes

This nail art is simple and easy to use but perfectly depicts the joyous festivities of the holiday season. Else, you can also add a stripe of shimmery green color on the side to make it look more fun and attractive.

4. Pot of Gold

We are not sure about the pot of gold, but we can certainly get you a pop of gold this St. Patrick’s Day. You do not have professional expertise or nail accessories to pull this nail art inspiration.

Pot of Gold

You will need three nail polishes, gold, green and white, a thin paintbrush, and a little artistic creativity to draw shamrock leaf. Firstly, apply bright green nail polish on the index finger and pinky finger. Then apply glittery gold nail polish on the middle finger. And then finish off the look by using white nail polish on the ring finger.

The glittery gold will beautifully pop up between white and green nail polishes. To enhance the mesmerizing beauty of this nail art, you can draw a small shamrock leaf over the white coat. This look is simple yet trendy and will pop up your whole personality.

5. Shamrock on Glittery White Nail Polish

A thin nail paintbrush can help you create numerous interesting and fun nail art designs. If you desire a glamorous look without fancy nail art products, this St. Patrick’s Day Nail Inspiration will suit you the best.

Shamrock on Glittery White Nail Polish

First off, apply a glittery gold base on your nail, and then, using a thin paintbrush, make a small shamrock leaf all across the nail. You can either repeat this alluring pattern on your nails or create this design on just a single nail. In both ways, your hands will look amazing.

6. St Patrick’s Day Nail Art Decals or Stickers

Another fun way to embellish your nails this St. Patrick’s Day is by applying some beautiful, premium-quality nail art decals. You can find an overwhelming range of nail art decals specifically designed on the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. Most of these designs incorporate the festive green color, shamrock flower, leprechaun hat, owl, etc.

You may also find jeweled shamrock nail stickers, which look utterly beautiful on their own; else, you can also apply them on top of nude or green nail polish.

These decals come in various sizes and materials within the minimum price range. Moreover, applying these art decals to your nails is easy and simple. You can use these art decals on your natural and artificial acrylic nails.

Though these nail art decals look attractive on their own, to take things a notch higher, you can apply to add a green, white, or a combination of different nail polish colors on the base as well. However, if you are using only these decals on natural nails, don’t forget to apply the base coat beforehand.

7. St. Patrick’s Day Nail Polish Wraps

Give your nails a quick manicure and makeover this St. Patrick’s Day with beautifully designed nail polish wraps. The nail wraps are a quick fix to get professional quality nail art at home. These wraps are available in an overwhelming range of cute and interesting designs.

St. Patrick's Day Nail Polish Wraps

Generally, the application instructions come with the packaging. But to give you an idea, wash your nails with soap and water, and then thoroughly clean them with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Then, choose the right size as per your fingernail and tear off the wrap from the cover.

Apply the nail wrap on your nail and gently press it until it perfectly fits all over it. After that, file excess nail wrap to get your desired nail shape. And there you go, you have done a quick and easy nail art at home by the end.

8. Polka Dots and Clover Leaf

Polka dots do not lose fashion. Having a mix of polka dots and cloverleaf is a mesmerizing St. Patrick’s Day nail inspiration for 2022. You can quickly put on this design and show off your beautiful nail art to friends and family.

For this nail art, you will need green and white nail polish and a thin paintbrush, and that’s it. You don’t need to be a designing pro to pull off this nail art. Firstly, apply green nail polish on your nails, leaving one nail per your preference.

Polka Dots and Clover Leaf

Apply white nail polish on the remaining nail, and draw a little cloverleaf on this nail with green nail polish. Then take white nail polish and draw little dots on the polished green nails. Then apply the topcoat, and voila, you are ready to be a part of the fun activities of St. Patrick’s Day this season.

9. Rainbow Art with an Over the Top Green

The rainbow pattern goes hand in hand with the signature luscious green color of St. Patrick’s Day-themed nail art. Firstly, apply green nail polish on all your nails except one to get this nail design. You can choose plain green or shimmery green; both will look beautiful. On the remaining nail, draw a rainbow pattern using a thin brush. Don’t worry if the lines are not perfect, as slightly tilted lines will look more pleasing to the eyes.

Moreover, You also pair the rainbow pattern with shamrock leaf or a green hat sticker. Furthermore, you can choose white instead of green nail polish as well.

10. Irish Accents

The best St. Patrick’s Day nail inspiration is to go with dainty clovers on top of nude nail polish. This simple yet stylish nail art will pop up the Irish symbol of luck perfectly well. Firstly, apply the nude base coat on your nails, and then using a thin paintbrush, draw a couple of clover leaves on the nails. Else you can draw the leaves only on a single nail and leave the rest of the nails just nude. The nail art will look super cute, fun, and beautiful in both ways.

In short, whether you are a pro or not, you can make your nails look exceptionally beautiful this St. Patrick’s Day using fun nail polish colors and nail art.

In Conclusion

If you are someone who loves to get your nails perked up, this St. Patrick’s Day is another great reason to style your nail with festive hues. The internet is flooding with fun and interesting St. Patrick’s Day-themed nail art inspiration. You can find numerous St. Patrick’s Day Nail stickers, wraps, decals, glitters, etc.

We hope you love our St. Patrick’s Day Nail Inspiration designs and will try a bunch on yourself. You can get the nail art done by a professional or try some fun designs yourself. The most important thing is to have fun and be creative while painting your nails, and you will love the results.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some colorful, fun, and artistic nail makeover and have fun this St. Patrick’s Day.

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