Forget Christmas Cards: Send New Year’s Cards Instead

Sending cards to your friends and loved ones is a common and thoughtful way of showing them that you love and care about them. Whether it’s accompanying a gift, a sentiment to wish your friend well, or the beloved annual Christmas tradition, sending cards out is a cute way to get a message across.

Now, as thoughtful as they are, the same Christmas cards every year can become a little redundant and predictable, thus inevitably losing their shine. This is where the newly popularized New Year’s cards come in.

Just like the name says, you send these celebratory cards to wish your loved ones a happy new year. It is a unique and meaningful gesture to let them know that you always think of them. The best part is that you do not have to rush and forcefully purchase the last unchosen card on the rack during the hustle and bustle of the festive season. It is no surprise that this new phenomenon is slowly becoming a favorite among many. But what makes these cards unique, and are they a ‘thing’? Let’s dive into the New Year’s card phenomenon.

Why You Should Send a New Year’s Card Instead of a Christmas Card?

New Year’s cards offer you the three C’s: convenience, choice, and character. These aspects will make your card stand out and be memorable. Among the millions of tasks you need to complete during the festive season, it is surprisingly easy to forget that you need to design or buy gift-enhancing Christmas cards. You can opt to buy New Year’s cards without the looming pressure of the 25th. Also, you can get these cards well before or after Christmas when the stores are less busy.

Why You Should Send a New Year's Card Instead of a Christmas Card

If you prefer to design your cards personally,, there is more time for you to plan your card-cover photoshoot or consult a card-design team, so your cards are well-thought-out and ready by the new year.

New Year’s cards are readily available days after the hectic holiday season because the hype is slowing down. The tasks you need to do are lessening, so you have more time to think of the perfect message to attach to your card. This makes New Year’s cards a convenient alternative to the rush-bought Christmas card.

Due to the low demand for cards after Christmas and the lack of commotion in the stores, you have an array of cards to choose from. Most people would have already purchased and sent theirs out. Consequently, you have more time to select. You’re also spoilt for choice, making the entire process easy and comfortable.

Another thing about New Year’s cards is that they are unconventional. Very few people know about the concept, and even fewer actually send them out. So, if you want to make your festive gesture a distinct and memorable one, this is the best way to do it. The cards add character to the gesture of gift-giving. Plus, they carry a more significant meaning because they contain the season’s greetings and grand wishes for the new year.

New Year’s Cards Growing Popularity?

People love New Year’s cards. They are different, and receiving one can be just what you need to start a year on a fantastic note. New Year’s cards are not limited to just one day unlike Christmas cards. You can send them out anytime from Christmas day to the end of January! The card’s greetings extend from hoping the recipient had a joyous festive season to wishing them great prosperity and success in the new year. The popularity within the New Year’s card market bears zero questions because this special card offers you convenience while carrying great significance.

Forget Christmas Cards - Send New Year's Cards Instead

Another reason people might prefer to mail out New Year’s cards instead of Christmas cards is that when choosing New Year’s cards, you are not limited to one theme or design. You can also include various concepts as a part of your message. Your card could be congratulatory or used to convey inspiration and positivity for the new year. There are plenty of ways to wish someone you care about a prosperous New Year. You can include them all on a New Year’s card. By doing this, you can showcase your creative personality and cater to theirs.

Where You Can Find New Year’s Cards?

Supermarkets, gift shops, and convenience stores have New Year’s cards in ample stock. You can even find some online. They are widely convenient because you can find them nearly anywhere.

Suppose you want to customize your card with a family or friend group picture. In that case, some multiple card-design companies and websites can precisely cater to your vision. The cards are generally affordable, plus they vary in size and price, so you can help someone start their year right without breaking the bank.

If you have a long list of people to send festive cards to and you must buy in bulk, there are many reliable vendors to purchase from. You can place your order well before the New Year arrives so that there is time for the company to deliver and for you to send the cards out. This feature can come in handy when you do not have enough time to write multiple messages and would rather sign off on pre-inscribed messages instead.

Alternatively, you can choose to send out online cards. Creating an online card is affordable and convenient, but it is also fun and easy. With an online card-design tool, you can accessorize your card and choose every detail. You can change fonts, select more than one picture, and have a large selection of palettes to make your card special. There are also apps like Canva which give you free rein over every element on your card. This paperless method is quick and just as meaningful as a physical card.

When to Send a New Year’s Card?

One of the many attractive qualities of New Year’s cards is the extended period you have to send them out. Also, they are not valid for one day only, so you can choose when to send the cards at your convenience. The time frame for New Year’s cards is from early in the holiday season – so sometime before Christmas – to the end of January (yes, it is still valid after the first.) Receiving and sending the cards during January or towards the end of the month is perfectly okay and can give the recipient a sense of post-festive joy. It is the perfect way to close off the joyous season.

You could also send the card in advance or after if you do not want to overstep good etiquette boundaries. Generally, a good one to two weeks before or after New Year is appropriate enough and not odd. Your card will surely stand out because it will probably be one of the first or last to arrive. It won’t get lost in the plenty of Christmas cards the recipient may receive.

The essence of a card is to keep in touch with people, and sending a unique card in advance may ensure your loved ones know that you are thinking of them. Additionally, they will remember your creative card for years to come. Regardless of when they receive it, the message filled with care and well wishes can never arrive too early or too late. Your loved one might appreciate the friendly gesture more than you could ever know.

What to Write In Your New Year’s Card?

There is no right or wrong thing to write in a New Year’s card, except maybe writing down the wrong holiday. You have complete reign over what kind of message you want the card to convey and how deep you want it to be.

What to Write In Your New Year's Card

You have a lot more freedom when scripting the message on a New Year’s card, and most phrases are suitable for friends, family, and even colleagues. There is the standard “Toast to you and yours in this New Year.” There’s also the  “Wishing you a Happy Holiday and an even happier New Year,” which you can never go wrong with. You can wish the recipient more happiness, health, joy, and love and thank them for their role in your life in the previous year.

New Year’s cards can also lead the recipient to reflect on the past year, getting them excited for what is to come. The card could serve as an annual reflection point for someone, and that in itself is a great gift. You can include a lengthy chain of words that can evoke reflective emotions in someone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to make a New Year’s card?

If you are the artsy type, making your card is simple. You can quickly hop over to your nearest crafts shop or supermarket. Buy some cardstock, pens, and all the nifty accessories you’ll need to decorate your card. After this, tap into your inner child and craft your cards. However, if you’re not the most artistic person, you can always go with the online card-making tool option.

2. How to send New Year’s cards?

You send New Year’s cards just as you would regular festive cards. You could also pair the cards with a gift and present it when you see the recipient in person. If the recipient is far away, you can create an online card and send it via email or your chosen communication medium. Any other method is just as effective and swiftly gets the message across.

3. Why are New Year’s cards important?

Cards are beautiful reminders to people that you love and care about them. They can look at older cards and reminisce. Annual cards like New Year’s cards help your loved ones keep a timeline of cherished memories. So, you can choose to start sending them as a tradition to wish people well in the coming year.

4. Is it rude not to send Christmas cards?

Nobody is forcing you to send holiday cards; in fact, it is okay if you prefer not to. Sending cards is simply a cute sentiment. You can use it to enhance a gift or send it as a sole gesture. You send the cards if you want to, and if you don’t want to, you can choose not to.

5. Is there an alternative to giving out cards?

Assuming you cannot physically give out festive cards, there are still several options available to you. You could send e-cards, vouchers, or a simple but meaningful message via text. Part of the gesture is the fun in designing and mailing or giving the cards out, so if you can’t do that, you could just choose an equally meaningful sentiment.

6. Can I send a Christmas card and a New Year’s card?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of cards you can send, and you are not limited to just one holiday. If you are able and feel like it will be a sweet gesture, send both cards out.

7. Is the custom of sending out Christmas cards dying out?

The tradition of sending out festive cards is an old one. However, we don’t see it fading out anytime. It is similar to giving out birthday cards, so it cannot die out. Also, the custom depends significantly on your preferences and how vital sending cards out is to you.


New Year’s cards are a wonderful gesture. The convenience they provide has made them a favorite during and after the festive season. There are multiple ways to convey your good wishes for someone. They all count, but these cards combine that sentiment with the festive spirit, so you do not have to send two separate cards.

Choosing to send a New Year’s card instead of a Christmas one can lighten the load during the festive season. New Year’s cards maintain the thoughtfulness of the act without the pressure of a festive deadline. So forget Christmas cards; send New Year’s cards instead.

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