Best Scary Halloween Decorations

Halloween’s roots may be twisted and mired in legend, mythology, and history, but modern tradition has embraced the season of the witch and transformed it into a celebration of all things festive and scary.

Today you can find Halloween decorations from glam to minimalist and cutesy to spooky. There really is something for everyone. If you have small children smiling pumpkins, popular cartoon inflatables, and brightly colored lights are lots of fun. If you want something more terrifying there are almost limitless options.

You won’t find any cutesy pieces in this article. We spent countless hours scouring the internet to bring you the best-of-the-best when it comes to truly scare-inducing pieces. Trick-or-treaters, guests, and maybe even the neighborhood dog will be scared stiff by these frightful decorations.

We also included a helpful Buyer’s Guide at the end so you can continue to add to your spooky collection. Don’t miss it!

Are you ready to go haunting? Then let’s begin…

Halloween Foam Graveyard Tombstones

Popular horror movies suggest that the boundaries between worlds are at their thinnest on Halloween. All manner of ghouls, ghosts and other shambling horrors are trying to find a way through the barrier, and the most direct, and convenient portal always seems to lie at the heart of a cemetery.

These five tombstones will transform the front of your home into an eerie, haunted paradise that’ll greet all who are brave enough to enter with a cheery skeletal smile and ghostly grin.

Supplied with a set of twelve metal braces that’ll help you to set each stone in place, these incredibly detailed foam decorations have been designed to replicate the real thing, and will chill and thrill any and all who dare to visit your home. 

If you’re searching for a way to become the scariest house in your neighborhood, then these tombstones could be the answer to the ghostly conundrum that you’ve been searching for.

Why settle for the usual rubber bats and collection of Jack O’Lanterns, when you can turn your abode into a genuine house of horrors that’ll send shivers up the spines of your friends and family? 

JOYIN 17” Halloween Foam RIP Graveyard Tombstones (5 Pack), Headstone Decorations and 12 Bonus Metal Stakes for Halloween Yard Outdoor Indoor Decorations
  • They may be made from foam, but these gravestones have built to weather any and all storms, and when you plant them in your yard, will stand firm against the creatures of the night and remain in place until a time of your choosing.
  • The metal stakes they come with are easy to use, and setting up your own cemetery has never been easier. Place the gravestones where you want them and give your yard the haunted Halloween redesign it deserves.
  • Incredibly detailed, if you didn’t know better, you’d swear that these sepulchral markers had been purloined from some ancient and long deserted burial site.
  • And they won’t cost you an arm or a leg either. In fact, your pocketbook will barely notice their presence, and won’t moan or groan when you add these stones to your already haunted home.
  • At seventeen inches high, they’re not sized to imitate their real-world counterparts, and while they’re an ideal way to add a little Halloween fun to your front yard, they’ll never be mistaken for actual gravestones. So you won’t have to worry about wandering ghosts and itinerant spooks thinking that they’ve found a new place to dwell and moving into your yard.
  • The spikes are supplied separately so you’ll have to fit them yourself, which means that you’ll need to be incredibly careful and take your time when doing so, as you won’t want to damage either yourself or the gravestones.

Haunted Doorbell With Animated Eyeball

Anyone courageous enough to venture out on Halloween deserves to be greeted accordingly when they turn up at your door. There’s no better way for them to announce their presence, so that you can reward them accordingly, than with this haunted doorbell. 

It’ll welcome your guests and let you know that your company is required with a simple if somewhat sinister, chime and warning…

This animated, novelty doorbell is an ideal Halloween accessory for any home and has been designed to hang over any existing hooks or nails in the wall next to your door. If there isn’t a hook or a nail available, you can easily add one and hang the doorbell from it. 

When a visitor rings the bell, the eye flutters open and welcomes them with ghastly glee and a spooky saying. It also rings like a genuine doorbell,  so you’ll be ready and waiting with candy for your delighted trick-or-treaters as soon as you open the door.

But the most wonderfully wicked thing about this bell is that its eye is fully animated and flickers back and forth and shines with an uncanny green glow when darkness falls.

It’s a fiendish contraption that will bring endless hours of haunted happiness to all those who insist on ringing it.  Trick-or-treaters are guaranteed to tell their friends your is a can’t miss stop. 

Halloween Decoration, Halloween Doorbell, Haunted Doorbell Animated Eyeball Halloween Decor with Spooky Sounds, Trick or Treat Event for Kids, Haunted House Halloween Party Prop Decoration
  • Easy to hang on your home, the delightfully devilish doorbell is a fitting and creepy way for your guests to make their presence known on the most hallowed evening of all.
  • With this bell in place, Halloween can be an all-year affair, and as long as batteries keep it powered, the bell will ring, it’ll intone its dreadful greeting, and the eye will keep on rolling.
  • We’ve yet to stumble across a functional novelty that sets the Halloween mood as well as this bell does. It’s horribly good fun and a spooktastic way to welcome trick or treaters to your home.
  • And again, it won’t place any undue pressure or stress on your bank balance or pocketbook and will readily, and happily fade into the background of your everyday expenses with a whisper.
  • Honestly? We can’t think of a single one. Okay, so if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to fit either a nail or a hook to hang it from, and the three AAA batteries that it needs aren’t supplied with the bell, but apart from that, we can’t think of a single reason why every home shouldn’t have one of these doorbells. Life would be much more fun if they did.

Eldnacele Halloween Snow Globe Candles Lighted Lamp

Halloween is as much about the ambiance inside your home as it is the decorative effects that you use to set the tone outside of the four walls of your own haunted kingdom.

And that’s why you should light the window of your porch or balcony with this spectral candle that’ll make you the envy of witches and warlocks everywhere. 

Made from high-quality resin and a balanced, plastic stand, this battery-powered spinning, snow globe candle will add a preternatural glow to any room it’s situated in.

There’s no need to shake it, as the snow and spider inside will swirl and move continuously with a little help from the candle’s motor. Its inviting green glow will entice unfortunate souls to gather nearer and bask in its strange light as it imbues them all with the spirit of Halloween.

Eldnacele believes that everyone should be able to enjoy all of the benefits and beauty of candles without having to deal with the cleanup, which is why they designed a range of battery-powered candles that include all of the positive features of the real thing. They last longer than traditional candles and are easy to use too. 

Eldnacele Halloween Snow Globe Candles Lighted Lamp, Battery Operated Spooky Spinning Water Glittering Tornado Candles Flameless Candles Table Centerpiece for Halloween Celebration Parties(Spider)
  • The swirling snow, the floating spider, and the spectral green glow of this candle helps to create a perfect Halloween mood that’ll add just the right level of beautiful gloom to any home.
  • Designed to last for many a haunted season, this candle is made from heavy-duty resin and solid, durable plastic and can either be brought out to brighten up any Halloween or become a centerpiece in a year-round shrine to all things spooky and otherworldly.
  • All you need to do to enjoy the mournful majesty that the candle will bring to your home is add batteries, set it on its stand, switch it on and then stand back and bask in its supernatural light.
  • Having spent many an evening bathing in this candle’s mysterious glow, we have yet to discover a single issue that it is troubled by or a problem that plagues it. It’s a rare Halloween pleasure that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Scary Hanging Reaper Motion Voice Activated with Creepy Sound

Some long-departed soul once said that they could tell everything that they ever needed to know about a person from the decor of their home, and if that really is the case, then this devilishly delightful decoration will help you to assume the much-deserved mantle of Halloween royalty.

Whether it’s hung from your front door or used to decorate the inside of your house, this vision of the Reaper will help you and your nearest and dearest to seize the season by its skeletal hand and never let go. 

This monstrous decoration features a handmade resin skull that’s equipped with a noise sensor, so as soon as anyone approaches, it’ll light up and begin to moan and emit all sorts of supernatural sounds. A little over twelve feet high, it’ll happily hang from anywhere you want. As it dangles from fishing wire, it’s also incredibly easy and straightforward to hang.

Ghosts and spooks come in all shapes and sizes, but the bigger they are, the more frightening they are, and home-based Halloween decorations don’t come much bigger than this Reaper.

Whether you’re in charge of a haunted house, just want it to add a few extra chills to your home, or have an ideal spot in your yard to suspend it, the Reaper will add a couple of horrors filled zeros to the value of your Halloween real estate. 

Made to terrify even the hardiest of souls, if a trick-or-treater can make it past this Reaper they’ll have earned every piece of candy that you give them. 

12.3ft Halloween Ghost Hanging Decorations, Scary Hanging Reaper Motion Voice Activated with Creepy Sound & Glowing Mask Flying Ghost for Haunted House, Yard Home Party Indoor Outdoor Decor
  • It may have found fame as an advertising and sales slogan, but the phrase “Go big or go home” could have been invented for this Reaper. With this monster hanging from your home there’s no way that anyone in your neighborhood will be able to compete, and Halloween will belong to you and you alone.
  • The sound sensor is nice touch and guarantees that the Reaper will unveil his charms at just the right moments and won’t waste them unnecessarily when there’s no one present to “enjoy” them.
  • While bigger is undoubtedly better, when it’s at its absolute best is when the price is right and the price that you’ll pay for this Reaper doesn’t get any righter. It’s an easily affordable way to win your neighborhood’s Halloween crown.
  • If the sound sensor decides to stop working, which sometimes it does for no discernible reason, you’ll be left with an endlessly wailing spirit that will either drive you crazy or make you want to tear it down. Either way, it’ll be an unwanted guest that you’ll want to dispel to the other side as soon as you possibly can.

Department 56 Halloween The Haunted Lit House

Halloween isn’t just about making your house irresistible to trick-or-treaters, it’s also a chance to add some spooky pieces indoors. 

If you’re limited on space this haunted house is the perfect fit.

This beautifully detailed haunted house is nine inches high and has been hand sculpted to bring a little bit of the dark side to your shelves.

Fully illuminated, it uses a cleverly placed bulb in its interior to emit a frightening, yet strangely enchanting glow that’ll draw you back it time and time again.

Hauntingly beautiful, its exquisite design has captured the essence of American folklore and manifested every facet of it in a sculpture that will assume the pride of place in any Halloween aficionado’s home.

For more than forty years Department 56 has been creating American holiday pieces that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

Halloween doesn’t have to be big; it can be small, incredibly personal, whimsical, and delicate, just like Department 56’s haunted house.

Department 56 4036592 Snow Village Halloween The Haunted Lit House, 9.06 inch
  • Sublimely detailed, this haunted house encapsulates everything that the American tradition of Halloween represents. It’s the spirit of Americana captured in a sculpture.
  • Halloween obsessives and let’s face it we all know at least one, will love the detail and passion that this ornament has been made with. The devil, in this case at least, really is in the detail.
  • It’s an ornament for collectors and Halloween hounds and die-hard fans and that’s all it is. It won’t scream, moan or frighten the neighborhood kids, but will look good on the mantle of any den or as the centerpiece of any woman or man cave.

Buyers Guide

What Are Halloween House Decorations? 

Traditionally seen as a time when spirits, ghost, witches, and monsters roam freely, Halloween is a chance for children to indulge in trick-or-treating and for horror fans to enjoy their favorite flicks. It’s also a time to add some festive décor to your home whether cutesy or spooky.

Jack O Lantern Halloween pumpkins with witches hat and burning candles

The decorations can be large, garish, and designed to attract the attention of trick-or-treaters, or the small and intricate things that remind you why it is you love, and enjoy Halloween. 

The only things that matter are that the decorations mean something to you, and celebrate the spirit of the Halloween season. 

Which Halloween House Decorations Are Right For Me? 

That depends on your personal preference. Do you want your decorations to be glam, minimalist, bright and happy, dark and spooky or truly frightful? The choice is yours. An added bonus is you can change it up from year to year too. Maybe you want to be bright and happy this year, but next year you want to go more glam. You aboslutely can!

Whatever decorations you choose, and however you choose to celebrate the haunted holiday, have a happy Halloween. 

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