Best Halloween Board Games

Halloween is a brilliant time of the year. The best part is eating too many sugary snacks and dressing up as your favorite monster or character. 

If you enjoy hosting Halloween parties then you should consider buying some Halloween board games. They are a great addition to any spooky get-together. You could even host a specific Halloween board game party.

If you need some inspiration on which board games to choose, fear not, we have got you covered! In this article, we have chosen five of the best Halloween board games. We included a mixture of games suitable for children and adults.

Hopefully, you will love these spooktastic games just as much as we do. So sink your teeth into our top choices!

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a family game that is suitable for up to six players. The minimum number of players for this game is 3. This board game is suitable for players ages 12 plus, and the games will typically last around an hour.

This is a great choice for a smaller group of friends or a family and the game will not last too long, it is a fairly average length. When looking at the price, it is not the cheapest game featured, but it is certainly worth the investment.

The game focuses on building your mansion that is haunted and the players have to escape the house without dying. This is a team-building game, and the players will need to rely on each other to survive. However, there is one player that is a traitor. 

This co-operative game has over 50 different scenarios so you are unlikely to get bored. It comes with everything you will need to play, such as – plastic figures, character cards, and special tokens.

It is a popular choice and is an Origins Awards Gamers’ Choice Award Winner. It has a rule book that is easy to understand and it is fairly scary, which is perfect for Halloween. 

Avalon Hill Betrayal at House on the Hill, Green
  • Game length of one hour
  • Three to six players
  • Award-winning game
  • Not the best choice for larger groups of people

Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror is a popular Halloween board game that accommodates up to 8 players. It is suitable for players that are 14+ and is inspired by the popular Arkham Horror board game. 

Eldritch Horror is great if you are looking for a longer game. The game typically takes around 2 to 4 hours to complete. It is one of the more expensive board games we have featured, but it is certainly worth the money. 

There are expansion packs available to purchase to enhance your gaming experience, and the game comes with detailed instructions and all of the equipment that you will need.

This game is co-operative, and the main aim is to stop the evil and the darkness that is occuring. There are many different characters to choose from, and it is great if you enjoy story-driven, adventure games. 

This game also can be played solo and has many different outcomes to keep it consistently entertaining. 

Eldritch Horror Board Game (Base Game) | Mystery Game | Strategy Game | Cooperative Board Game for Adults and Family | Ages 14+ | 1-8 Players | Avg. Playtime 2-4 Hours | Made by Fantasy Flight Games
  • Character-driven, co-operative game
  • Up to 8 players
  • Great if you enjoy longer, character-driven games
  • It is fairly expensive to purchase

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a popular choice and is great for both smaller and larger groups of people. 3-10 people can play this game and it is suitable for those aged 8 and up.

This is a great interactive game that features different roles such as Werewolf, Seer, and Troublemakers. The main aim of this game is to find the werewolves lurking within the group. If the werewolf is correctly identified, the team wins. If the werewolf is not, the werewolf wins.

Overall, this is a very simple game to play but can bring hours of fun. The games typically last for around 10 minutes, so this is great if you are looking for a shorter game. 

Few instructions are easy to follow, so you do not have to worry about a difficult setup. In addition to the board game, this edition also comes with a free downloadable app that walks players through the different phases. 

While this is not a scary Halloween game, it is fun and reasonably priced.

Bezier board Games One Night Ultimate Werewolf Black
  • Easy to set up and play
  • Comes with a free app
  • Suitable for ages 8 and above
  • If you are looking for a scary board game, this may not be the best option

Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared

Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared, focuses on well known Disney villains. This is a great game if you are hosting a children’s Halloween party, or if you are looking for a game suitable for the whole family.

The recommended age is 10+, and while the player count is 2-3, it can be expanded up to 6 players. This game takes around 45 to 60 minutes to play and features several Disney Vilains. 

This is a classic strategy game that features easy instructions to follow and understand.  What is great about this game is that it is a stand-alone, or you can grab the expansion packs.

Each player has a plan to follow and ways in which they can win. There are 90 villain cards in total, 3 reference cards, and 3 villain guides. 

Disney Villainous is one of the cheapest board games we have included in this list and it also won the 2019 TOTY Game of the Year award. This game does not have a big scare factor but it sticks with a spooky theme. 

Ravensburger Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared Strategy Board Game for Age 10 & Up - Stand-Alone & Expansion to The 2019 TOTY Game of The Year Award Winner - 2020 TOTY Game of The Year Finalist
  • Great game to play as a family
  • Easy to understand and follow
  • Stand-alone or can be played using expansion packs
  • It is not the scariest of games

Hunt A Killer: Death at the Dive Bar

Death at the Dive Bar is a fun interactive board game that involves solving a crime. It is suitable for those ages 14 and above, due to its content. When looking at the price it is reasonable. However, as this is a crime-solving game, it can only really be played once. Even so, it is great for a Halloween party. 

This game takes around 45 to 60 minutes to complete and is suitable for around 1-5 players. It focuses on a murder and the group has to solve the case. It comes with a lot of interactive content, such as case notes and evidence that needs to be dissected to find out what happens.

It is realistic, and although it is not your stereotypical board game, it is engaging and fun. It is made by Hunt A Killer which is the number one in the world for murder mysteries. 

What is useful about this game is that it comes with useful hints if you are stuck with any of the clues or evidence.

Hunt A Killer Death at The Dive Bar, Immersive Murder Mystery Game -Take on the Unsolved Case as an Independent Challenge, for Date Night or with Family & Friends as Detectives for Game Night, Age 14+
  • Interactive and engaging
  • It is a fairly quick game to play
  • There are hints if you get stuck
  • This game can only really be played once

Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase a board game for Halloween, there are a few things that you should take into consideration.


The first and most important thing to consider is how much a board game costs. You will want to choose the best board game for you in the price range that you have. 

Age Rating

The majority of board games will state on the packing what age rating they have. When it comes to Halloween board games, they may contain graphic or gory content that may not be suitable for younger family members. Given this, you should always stick to the recommended age. 

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of a board game is important. If you are choosing a board game for younger children, you will want to choose a game that is fairly easy to play and will keep them interested and entertained. 

Best Halloween Board Games

If you are looking for a quick or fun game to play, you may want to opt for an easier game. Often board games can last for quite a long time and usually the difficulty level will reflect this.

If you are looking for a game that is more of a challenge, look for one with a higher difficulty level.

Amount of Players

If you are looking for a game to purchase and play with a big group of people, a team game or one aimed at a group of people is the better option. 

If you are looking for a smaller game to play with your family or a smaller group of friends, a game that has around four to eight players would be the best option. These games allow a smaller or larger number of people to play, without the overall game experience being impacted. 

Length of Game

The length of the game is important. Before you purchase the game, you will want to roughly estimate how long you will want to spend playing the game. If you, your family and friends prefer to play board games for a long period, then a longer game would be great. 

However, if you are hosting a party, perhaps you will not want to spend all evening engrossed in a game. Given this, a shortened game or a game that can be played multiple times would be the better option. 

While world-building and intricate games are fantastic, especially when they are horror based, they are not for everyone. Many people may prefer to purchase a quickfire game that can be enjoyed in around 15 to 30 minutes. 

The majority of games will have the length of time it takes to play featured on the back of the packaging. We would recommend checking this out before purchasing. In addition, some games offer a shorter and a longer version of the game, which is the best of both worlds. 

Type of Game

The type of game that you purchase is important. Before you purchase a game based on its name or packaging, we would recommend reading what the game is about in detail.

Board games are so popular and there are thousands of different options. The most popular types of board games include:

Roll and Move

These board games are particularly popular choices for children’s games as they are fairly easy to follow and play. They usually involve rolling dice and moving forward to win. They can include different cards or actions to take. These are the most traditional games, such as Monopoly. 

While they do require some thinking, these games are mainly down to luck and the numbers rolled, rather than strategy. 

Cooperative Games

Cooperative games rely heavily on teamwork and these games are usually aimed at larger groups of people. Often each player will have a different role to play for the team to win. 

Some notable cooperative games include Pandemic which has become popular in recent years and Arkham Horror.

Secret Identity Games

These games are particularly fun to play at parties or with larger groups of people. They involve people playing undercover and pretending to be the characters that they do not deceive the other players.

Some of the more popular secret identity games include One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Secret Hitler

Worker Placement Games

These games can also be called “action drafting” and they are typically quite strategic and they usually can last for a good amount of time. These games include Lords of Waterdeep and A Feast For Odin.

It is important to choose the correct type of board game for the Halloween occasion and then once you have narrowed down the type of board games you want to play your options will become a lot easier. We have included a wide range of different board games in this article to appeal to different types of board gamers. 

Can The Game Be Played More Than Once?

The majority of board games can be played many times.

However, there are some limitations to board games. For example, detective and murder mystery games are becoming more popular. While these games are great they often just feature one solution and once you have played it once you cannot play it again. This is important toconsider if you are looking for a game that can be played multiple times. 


The interest of a game is important and you should always choose a game that is going to appeal to the interests of the people playing it. This ties in well with the age range as you will want to ensure that the people intended to play it are going to enjoy it. 

For example, some people will prefer shorter games and others longer. When purchasing a game for children, typically shorter games are likely to be the better option. Given this, you should consider who is going to play the game before purchasing it. 

Are the instructions easy?

In addition to the difficulty level of the game, the instructions are just as important to consider. We would recommend researching the game to see if there is a detailed instruction manual to read with the game. 

While the majority of games will include an instruction manual some are easier to understand than others. If the game is fairly easy to play or you have played it before then this may not be so important.

But with a new game easy and clear instructions are essential in helping you to understand how to play the game as a whole.

How well is the game made?

How well the game is made is equally important as you will not want any of the pieces or the board itself to damage quickly. You should always consider the types of pieces and equipment that come with the game to ensure that they are made well. 

If the board game comes with spare parts, this is also useful, especially if you lose any of the original pieces.

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