Best Face Paint for Halloween

Whatever the time of year, it is never too early to start planning your Halloween costume. If you’re a Halloween enthusiast and go full out for this special holiday, you probably like to add festive Halloween face paint or makeup.

Whether you work really hard on your costume or just do the basics, you’ll probably need some sort of face paint to finish off your look.

Transforming yourself into something completely different is a wonderful experience. You can choose to be scary, cute, silly or copy a character from one of your favorite tv shows or movies.

Whether you go with a smile-inducing or frightful costume, you’ll definitely need the best face paint.

If you have scoured the internet for inspiration and found a  scary costume you love, it can be tricky to find the right face paint for the costume. That’s why we have done our own research and found the best 5 face paints for Halloween along with a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQs.

Our buyer’s guide will help you understand what to look for in Halloween face paint while our FAQs will answer any common queries that should help you decide once and for all.

Halloween on the horizon and you need face paint quick? Here are our top choices!

Buyer’s Guide

These are the top 5 best face paints for Halloween! Although we have gone through the pros and cons, we know you may still be a little confused about what to buy.

Our buyer’s guide will help assist you in making your final decision. 

It’s always worth thinking about several variables before making a final decision.

The most important aspects to consider are below so you can leave here safe in the knowledge that you will buy the right face paint for you.

The Base

You will find that most face paints these days are water-based. This makes it easier to apply to the skin and peel off without the risk of irritation.

These paints don’t require any special setting powder during the application which is another reason why the demand for water-based face paints is growing every year.

As the name suggests, water-based paints need to be dipped in water before use. This is because they combine the quality of oil-based paints with the convenience of water-based paints. 

Oil-based paints are typically harder to apply and more difficult to remove. They also have a higher risk of irritating the skin which is why people feel safer using water-based paints.

On the other hand, oil-based paints offer unmatched smoothness.

The Color Range

The color range varies from each brand and manufacturer. For parties such as festivals or carnivals, you’ll most likely want to use bright, vivid colors to stand out in the crowd. Halloween face paints will usually include darker shades for skulls and zombies.

Darker hues are recommended for stage performances, especially if the spotlight is directly on the performer. It is a matter of personal preference but you can always mix a variety of colors to create one you may not have.

The Application

Face and body paints come under four main categories which are based on the intended use. These are kids, cosplay, casual, and professional.

Kids’ face paint doesn’t include a detailed selection of different hues as children aren’t typically that bothered about the artistic side of face painting. Even for Halloween, many kids prefer bright colors and this is why most children’s palettes are full of vibrant colors.

Also, children’s skin is far more sensitive to adults and more prone to irritants and certain elements. This is why you will find nearly all kid’s paint is FDA-approved and very rarely cause any skin damage.

Cosplay is a very popular industry in today’s world. Dressing up as their favorite cartoon characters, superheroes, or movie stars, cosplayers depend heavily on quality face paints that have been made specifically for cosplay.

Just like kid’s paint, this also has a wide spectrum of colors but with higher-quality ingredients than regular face paints. Most of these are water activated as these tend to last longer than water-based types which can easily wear off if you’re sweating.

Casual face paint is great if you use it for an occasion but not very often. This isn’t as specialized as cosplay paint meaning it is usually considerably cheaper.

These can come in individual containers bringing the price down even further. If you only paint now and again, casual paints may be the way to go for you as they’re normally only used once or twice.

Lastly, professional face paint is used by painters or makeup artists. The quality is usually very high with a bright palette for various choices. These are all FDA-approved because they are used so widely throughout the world.

These paints last very long too as artists and stage performers require long-lasting face paint throughout a full performance.

Your Budget

No one wants to spend lots of money on face paints so keeping a budget in mind is important. Casual and kid’s paints will generally be less expensive than professional paints.

This is because the materials used to make them aren’t as expensive to produce. On the other hand, added accessories like stencils or guide books can increase these prices quite a lot.

For Halloween purposes, it is recommended that you go for casual paint but if you want to really show off, splash that cash and go for some higher-graded professional paints!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I use to remove face paint?

Face paint should be easy to remove. To do so, all you need is some soap and warm water. Simply wipe your face until the paint comes off and rub it down with an old towel.

Remnants of paint can still be evident after the first wash so continue until it is all removed. Baby wipes or similar products aren’t recommended as these can sometimes cause irritation in some individuals.

Can face paint run down your face if it gets wet?

Depending on the type you have used, it can. If you use water-based face paint, this will, unfortunately, run when in contact with sweat or water.

However, some brands, such as the ones we have discussed above, offer very durable paints that should withstand most conditions. Professional paint is best if you will be sweating often or near a pool.

Should I only buy face paints with specific qualities such as hypoallergenic or gluten-free?

Not all face paints are vegan-friendly or paraben-free. If you care about paint being organic, you should read up on the brands and the ingredients they use in their paint.

It is essential you opt for hypoallergenic paints if you suffer from any allergies or sensitive skin. Paints without this may include paraben and can cause harm so always ensure it is safe for you to use first.

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