Avoid Bad Luck By Avoiding These New Year’s Day Activities

The new year brings a bundle of new expectancies, promises, and hopes. Therefore, people try to do their best to achieve all those.

However, even before beginning your new year, you could be afflicted with bad luck. No one would want to associate their new beginnings with misfortune.

To garnish your new year with pleasant moments, all you need is to bypass a few things on New year’s eve. On a lighter note, avoid bad luck by avoiding these New Year’s Day activities.

Feel free to give all these ideas a shot since your ancestors lived by these ideas. Here is how you can make this year the best one.

Avoid Bad Luck By Avoiding These New Year's Day Activities

Do Not Clean Your House On New Year’s Day

We can not tell where it started, but let’s not take a risk. Skip cleaning, particularly sweeping on New Year’s Day. Wind up all your work the day before the new year.

Washing dishes, doing laundry, dusting, vacuum cleaning, etc., all are parts of cleaning. Hence, again, avoid providing cleaning services on New Year’s Day.

Moreover, it is always better to clean your house before the big night. According to another superstition, you should clean your home thoroughly one day before New Year’s Eve. By doing this, your house will not carry any garbage from the previous year. Hence, take out all the dirt and let the luck get in!

Do Not Take Bath On New Year’s Day

A well-known Korean superstition tells you not to bathe on New Year’s Day. Koreans firmly believe that it can bring bad luck. What is the reason behind it?

It is a strong belief that bathing on New Year’s Day can wash your good luck away. The idea is upheld in many countries, along with Korea.

Multiple people objectify it by saying that you should start your new year clean and fresh. Try staying clean to avoid a sweaty body. Apply a lot of perfume so you won’t need to wipe off a foul odor by bathing. In conclusion, don’t do anything to wash off any bit of good luck coming towards you.

Best Time To Take Down Your Christmas Tree

It is not encouraged to take down your Christmas Tree on not take down your December 31st. The thought in many cultures on this is that it can associate you with misfortune throughout the upcoming year.

Best Time To Take Down Your Christmas Tree

The New Year’s celebrations last for almost a week and taking down the tree this early can cut down the good luck coming towards you midway.

The 12th day of Christmas is the perfect day to perform this task. If you observe the holiday of Epiphany, you can take it down on the 13th day as well. Both the days are safe and won’t bring you any stroke of bad luck.

Avoid Entering New Year With Empty Cupboards

Buying groceries before New Year’s Day is extremely necessary. Most cultures strongly believe that your condition on New Year’s Day decides your state for the rest of the year. Not having essential groceries at home can bring you poverty or emptiness.

Elders always recommend doing thorough grocery shopping before New Year’s Day. Fill your kitchen cabinets with all the essentials. Be as generous as you can as it will bring money and prosperity in the upcoming year.

Moreover, most cultures push on carrying cash in your wallet. Again, it will bring you wealth and fortune in the new year. So, if you are reading this a day before the new year, double-check your cupboards. Run to the nearest grocery store to avoid any bad luck this year.

Avoid Eating Winged Fowl

You can avoid bad luck by avoiding eating certain things. Eating anything with wings is strongly discouraged on New Year’s night or day. The logic behind the superstition is quite interesting.

People believe that your good luck might fly away if you eat anything with wings.

Chicken lovers find this superstition very irritating. However, you still have multiple options left. You can enjoy as much meat as possible, not chicken and turkey.

Another reason to avoid such creatures is because of what they eat. Chicken and turkey eat dirty insects, which can, in turn, prove to be bad for your luck. So, it is better to compromise a single day on your diet than suffer 365 days.

Do Not Loan Anything On New Year’s Day

Once again, your New Year’s Eve and the following day reflect your entire year. Borrowing or loaning anything on new year’s day won’t help your luck, which is extremely bad.

You will likely spend your new year in debt if you borrow on New Year’s Day, which also signals poverty and scarcity.

Moreover, do not pay your bills on New Year’s Day. Save your chores for a few days or complete every task before New Year’s Eve. Spending on New Year’s Day is not encouraged. It means that you will most likely live your upcoming year spending a lot. Hence, it is better to avoid unnecessary spending to prosper.

Break The Ice

Be as loud on New Year’s Day as you can. It might sound ridiculous, but it can help you bring good luck. Being loud on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve can repel the evils of the past year.

Break The Ice

The bad luck spirits of the past year won’t visit your house if you are loud.

You can be loud in multiple ways. Bring some fireworks and have a beautiful celebration. It is the best way to welcome fortune in your life. Moreover, play some music, scream, and sing along. Evil spirits would never tease you in such chaos, and all you would have is bliss and good luck.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous superstitions associated with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. All these superstitions are a collection of different cultures and religious backgrounds.

For instance, cleaning on New Year’s Day is strongly prohibited in Chinese culture. Whereas American culture firmly practices a midnight kiss to bring love and romance in the upcoming 12 months.

It is better to remember all the New Year’s superstitions no matter what culture you belong to. If you want your new year filled with prosperity, give this article a go. We have explained all the necessary points to prevent any bad luck from getting in.

Although these superstitions have no researched background or origin, people firmly believe in these things. Our ancestors have been practicing these beliefs for thousands of years, so it is better to consider all the necessary ones.

In conclusion, even if you find these superstitions pointless, do not take the risk. No matter how irrational you find all the myths, you can’t stop yourself from following them. Hence, learn about these notions to avoid bad luck from getting in your way.

Eat 12 grapes, do some grocery shopping before new year’s eve, carry empty luggage, open all the doors and windows. Enter the new year with all the success, prosperity and good luck.

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